About me

Hey there!

My name is Lena and I’m a nineteen year old living somewhere in the south of Germany 🙂 .
I’m addicted to preparing food (and to food in general 😉 ), besides I love reading books, travelling and doing sports ❤ .
A huge Passion for healthy baking and cooking was my Motivation to create this blog.
I was about twelve years old when I started baking.
Later, I wanted to live on a more healthy, plantbased diet, since I had massive problems with sleeping and a lack of energy during the day.
I started a Instagram page (@thecolourfulplate_) in January because my boyfriend was kind of annoyed of getting foodpics all the time 😀 and because I love aesthetic food!

In October, I’m going to start studying Food Management as a “Dual Student”, which means I’m both studying and getting a practical education by a business. I’m so happy that I made a contract with one of Germany’s biggest organic stores as sustainability is an important aspect to me.

On this page I want to share thoughts, recepies and travel reports with you!