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Amsterdam in spring

Hello lovely visitor!

I know I haven’t been active for so long on here and I really want to change that! But I’ve been so busy with my trip! As you already know, I went to Amsterdam. Now I want to tell you a bit more about what to do and where to go! Of course also good Food places…

Enjoy reading!

Me and my best friend decided to go to Amsterdam for four days as this is a good balance beetween things you can see in that time and the price you got to pay for a room. We traveled by FlixBus because it was so much cheaper than flying! It cost us about 60โ‚ฌ each for riding there and back (but it took us about eight hours!).

Our room was actually so cool! The hostel was called “City Hub Amsterdam” (klick here for further Information) and you should really think about staying there if you want to see lots of the city and spend less time in your room. You are staying in a tiny hub with a kingsize bed and a Littleย space in before. It’s so cool that you can download an app and control the LED lights and music inside your hubย via Bluetooth! The bed was really comfy ๐Ÿ™‚ . But the room would be too small if you want to spend hours and hours in there. But for sleeping and a little relaxing it’s fine!

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Also the bathrooms (which you share with other guests) were designedย in a really pretty retro style and so clean!

I loved all the little extras, e.g. we got a Kimono to walk to the showers and a wifi thing we could take to the cityย with us to have free Internet at all times. Also the people working there were young and nice, so they would recommend us places to go out at night etc.. It was 175โ‚ฌ for three nights and breakfast.

We tried to see as much as possible but still be relaxed and not running around like crazy! We saw a couple of Museums: The Diamond Museum (since Amsterdam ist “Diamond Capital”), The Museum van Loon, and the “Red Light Secrets”.

Personally, I liked the second one best. It was an old house directly located by a Gracht (canal) and still furnished like in the 19th century. The rooms were really pretty and interesting, especially the garden since gardens were –ย  and still are – really expensive in a huge city like Amsterdam.


One of the Highlights of our trip was a canal cruise. Amsterdam is a little like Venice! And from the canals, you get a wonderful view of all the beautiful old houses and buildings. I fell in love with the architecture and Amsterdam Centraal Station is the prettiest Station I’ve ever seen in my entire life!


Amsterdam Centraal Station


Of course we also did a little souvenir shopping, but you’ll find those shops everywhere. Our favourite ones were located around the flower market, where you can buy lots and lots of tulips. Don’t buy “brownies and Cookies” there though, you need to go to a coffeeshop for the real stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

Last but for sure not least, I’ll tell you more about the food we had โค !

Firstly, the breakfast at “The breakfast Club” is nice but expensive! Food is not cheap anywhere.ย But you get lots of fresh Juices, Porridge and vegan options. In general, Amsterdam is full of that modern, international food! You get Asian Food everywhere and lots of vegan choices.


Yummy breakfast!

Luckily, we lived Close to the “Foodhallen”. Please go there if you love streetfood! You get EVERYTHING! Dim Sum, Burritos, Vegan Hotdogs, Falafel, Frozen Yoghurt, tiny cakes, Sushi and so on. All really yummy but small portions and a little expensive for the serving sizes. I had the best ever summer rolls with Tofu!


Vegan summer rolls


And OMG YOU NEED TO GO TO “The Avocado Show” (just have a look at their insta pageย and you’ll understand why). I had a delicious salad with quinoa, wild herbs, avo and roasted nuts!

All in all, Amsterdam is a beautiful City, even if you only walk through! We are definitely coming back! One time is not enough.
If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

Love, Lena โค xx





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